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Never leave wick trimmings, matches or any other materials in the waxpool as these create a fire hazard.

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Did You Know:
The candle is the oldest method of supplying illumination. Although a slew of changes have been made to methods of candle making, there is no basic variance between a candle made in the past and one manufactured nowadays.

In the 19th century, the French chemist Michel-Eugene Chevreul discovered that fat or tallow is not composed of one substance but two fatty acids. Steraic acid and oleic acid are combined with glycerin to form a nonflammable material. By removing the glycerin, Chevreul produced stearine, a new substance harder than tallow that burns longer and brighter. This enabled Chevreul and his partner, Joseph-Louis Gay-Lussac, to patent manufacturing methods for candles far superior than those currently in use.

The beam of light of 40 billion candle is visible to airplanes from a distance of 250 miles.

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