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Dispose of all packaging materials or foreign matter before lighting a candle.

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Did You Know:
The candle is the most primeval method of delivering illumination. Although a ton of refinements have been made to the mechanisms of candle making, there is no basic difference between a candle made in the past and one created currently.

Candles are among the earliest inventions of the ancient world. It has cast a light on mans progress centuries ago. However, there is very little known about the origin of candles. Although it is often written that the first candles were developed by the Ancient Egyptians who used rush lights or torches made by soaking the pithy core of reeds in molten tallow, the rush lights had no wick like a candle. It is the Romans who are credited with developing the wick candle using it to aid travelers at dark and lighting homes and places of worship at night.

Candles burn more slowly and evenly with minimum wax drippings if they are placed in the freezer for an hour before using.

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